Number Theory

The roots of my mathematical research are in computational number theory. In 2013 I earned my PhD in mathematics with a focus on number theory under the direction of Professor Wai Kiu Chan at Wesleyan University. I've spent a lot of time thinking about various finiteness results related to the representation problem for quadratic lattices. These types of problems are the basis of some of the most classical questions in number theory, for example, what sort of positive integers can be represented by a sum of three squares? Many of these questions date back to antiquity, and their resolution has only become tractable in the recent decades. Accordingly, my approach to these problems involves a melding of the classical geometry of quadratic lattices and the algebraic structures associated to this geometry with modern computational tools like SageMath, Magma, and the LMFDB.

As a data scientist, I don't spend much time doing pure number theory anymore, but one of my favorite things about data science is the diversity of backgrounds that are attracted to the field and the unique approaches to problem solving that this brings.

Selected Talks

Here are some links to various talks I've given: