About Me

I'm a data scientist in the Tufts University Data Intensive Studies Center. I got my Ph.D. in mathematics in 2013 from Wesleyan University. I also have an appointment as associate professor of mathematics at Duquesne University where I've been on the faculty since 2013. The roots of my research are in computational number theory, specifically in using modern computational tools and capabilities to answer longstanding, previously intractable, open problems. More recently, my interests in algorithmic development have led me to explore tools in data science and machine learning. Specifically, I'm interested in the ways we can use these tools to make a safer and more equitable world. In addition to the technical applications of data science, I'm interested in the ways that data and numerical literacy more generally shape the way we produce and consume media.

My Name

Since it's caused confusion in the past, I should say that my name rhymes with "sauna bench." At the risk of causing confusion in the future too, I'll add that it's German in origin -- just like me! -- and my surname can also be spelled Hänsch.


Email: anna.haensch at tufts dot edu
Office: staying safe at home for now
Twitter: @extremefriday
Pronouns: she/her